25th Reunion A success.

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So here it is…. It happened…. You all asked me on this here facey-face page: “Joel… when’s the reunion?” And I was like I dunno – ain’t nobody got time for dat! Then Laurie, comes on and she tells me I’m on the committee with Glenn, Kimberly, April, and Jon.. Because at some point I offered to host the website…. I might have had a few beers when I said it… sigh..

Zoom a bunch months and a few beers later and now it’s the day after… You all decided to forgo the axiom of utilizing Facebook as the excuse of not going to your reunion. “I already saw Joel go to the beach…he made a sand castle.And he got fat…” and yes I did make a sand castle… and it was epic.. And I’m not fat! I got big Boned! But I digress…

We came together across the vastness of time.. listened to each of our accomplishments … our dreams that we made true… the nightmares we may have survived… And the anguish of what or who we may have lost.

We grew up… well except me… I’m still 12…. just ask my wife… She was there she probably told you…. but look at all of you in all these pictures: (Click Here) We went forth unto the world… we became people of business, artists, musicians, people who help others whether it be in matters of health, law, or in my case: “have you tried turning it off and on again.” So yeah… I went far.. Sigh…..

We remembered in our youth both our fear and anticipation of going out upon the world and conquering it.

As I sit here at my computer with a personal celebratory beer I say a toast… a toast to us… to our successes that enriched us… and even our failures that played us out.. To the blessings that made us feel joy.. And to the tragedies that made us feel sadness… Thorough all of these we all were reminded to never stop growing or even learning, even when we might have wanted to give up…. a toast to us, to our families, and those who cannot be with us today both living and departed…

Cheers! To the MASH Class of 1990! Let’s try to keep in touch even before the 30th! (Which I almost can’t wait to attend.)

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